To become the leading school in KwaZulu-Natal through the provision of quality education to all learners who attend our school








GR 10 – 12 COURSES

About us

Shortly About our History

The name ‘Effingham’ takes its name from ‘Effingham Estate’ that, in years gone by, was situated near Avoca. The owners of Effingham Estate, Messrs. Wheeler and Hadden, cultivated coffee on the estate before turning to the cultivation of sugar in 1876. Indian labour, like everywhere else in the province, was used on the estate. In time, Effingham Estate was absorbed by Natal Estates Limited. Effingham, and the neighbouring areas of Avoca and Red Hill, came to be populated by people of Indian origin. This was to be expected, since Indian labourers worked on the sugar and coffee estates in these areas.
About our logo

The school’s monogram and motto- ‘THINK, LEARN, LEAD’- was adopted in 1987.


The shield, which forms part of the monogram, is symbolic of achievement and protection.

The eagle

The eagle symbolises the power of the school in bringing knowledge [through the book] to the learner.

The torch

The torch is symbolic of enlightenment. It leads one from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge.

The rays

The rays from the torch symbolise spreading light, which eliminates darkness. This is a symbol of the triumph of knowledge over ignorance.


There are at present 31 members on the academic staff, comprising the Acting Principal, Four Departmental Heads and 22 level one educators. Of the 31 educators, 27 are employed by the state whilst 8 are employed by the SGB [1 Maths educator is paid by The Epoch & Optima Trusts – our external Funders]. There are also 5 members on the administrative staff, four of whom are paid by the SGB. The other member of staff is paid by the state. Of the 5 members on the administrative staff, one functions as Finance Clerk and one functions as a school counsellor. The school also has a maintenance staff of 6 people. Five of whom are paid by the SGB.


Despite the lack of sporting facilities many of our students have excelled at provincial level in various codes of sport. One learner in particular, RIVASH GOBIND, played for and is currently assistant cricket coach for the KZN Dolphins. A further two learners play cricket for the Dolphins B- side. is also a renowned lifesaver.

We are also proud of BUYANI NGCOBO who has brought honour to the school through being a gold medalist in the 1500m and 5000m race at the Midmar Dam Aquatic Championships. Buyani is also a renowned lifesaver.

Our Mission Statement

We shall strive to promote the physical, mental, psychological and cultural development of all learners through a combination of meaningful academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in an educational environment that is healthy, safe, caring, trusting and challenging.

We shall strive towards the achievement of a high degree of excellence among all our learners, and to ensure that our daily interactions with all stakeholders reflect the fine traditions of the cultures of society at large so that we will always discriminate between righteousness and evil, and act accordingly.

Our Vision

To become the leading school in KwaZulu-Natal through the provision of quality education to all learners who attend our school, and to offer excellent service delivery to our clients through effective and coherent leadership among all stakeholders.


Effingham Secondary, in keeping with its Vision and Mission Statement, is committed to a culture of learning and teaching. Like many public schools in our beloved country, it has of late become susceptible to the changes in learner conduct. This has become something of a challenge for the school. But it is a challenge that we shall rise to meet.